Over 65 Fun Games to play on a Plane Trip for kids, teenagers and all the family!

Great Travel Games for kids, teenagers & all the family, all perfect for on board a plane. Your flights will seem shorter than ever – don’t leave home without this app!

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No internet connection required! Suitable for all ages. You can search for your favorite game, or browse through the categories. Have a look on iTunes:

The games categories include:

* On the Way Games including Carrier Count and Departure Board

* Only on a Plane Games including Parts of a Plane and Plane I-Spy

* Picture Games including Animal Clouds and Foody Faces

* Drawing Games including Aliens and Guess the Pic

* Word Games including Venture Quest and Word Scramble

* Alphabet Games including Word Chain and Alphapics

* Going Places Games including Around the World and Pretend Planet

Our collection of over 65 games comes with full instructions on how to play each one.

All of these games are simple to play, a few of them require pen and paper, but they can make a long car journey seem very much shorter.

Traveling really can be fun!  This app is packed with fun, exciting and challenging games that can be enjoyed by all the family, kids, teenagers and adults, on a plane.

Some of them can be played competitively or maybe just to while away the time.

All games are suitable for all ages and many come with ideas as to how they can be made easier or more difficult, to suit the age of the players.

Have a safe and fun trip and enjoy some travel games on your way!

Our new App “Over 65 Fun Games to Play for a Plane Journey” is now available on iTunes for iPhone & iPad.

If you need to get in touch before then please contact us. Thank you! This app is packed with fun, exciting and challenging traditional travel games for all the family, kids, teenagers and adults, to play on a plane trip.

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